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Dave Michaels Project

COSMOS - the 5th album from Dave Michaels Project! 

COSMOS - the NEW CD from Dave Michaels Project

In Stores Summer of 2012

Brand New Songs and Guest Artists


COSMOS, the long anticipated 5th Album from the band who brought you Crying Winds, Keeper of the Portal, Lands Unknown and Journey, is due for release by Summer of 2012 on Alethea Records.

ALL NEW songs, with their trademark Jazz/Rock Fusion sound, and some very special Guest Artists!

For the first time in their career DMP has embarked on an experimental mode of recording for this album. Combining the endless possibilities of Digital Audio Recording with the warm natural sounds of Analog Tape Recording. This process has given the album a unique feel and sound, closer to the bygone days of open reel tape machines used in Analog recording studios than the sterile world of Digital Audio recordings that end up sounding squashed - little to no dynamic range - from the constant squashing and maximizing done in the ever present world of today's loudness wars.

DMP recorded COSMOS at Jasongs Recording Studio in Glendale, AZ. Jasongs had the exact mix of environments and recording gear available for the experiment; TEAC Reel-to-Reel tape machines, Allen & Heath mixing boards, numerous outboard signal processors, top quality PCI based A/D D/A Converters passing signal into a Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer loaded DAW. Though a daunting task for any engineer to record the initial live tracks in analog and then convert them to digital without losing that familiar warm tone and soft saturation that occurs naturally in open reel tape recording, Jasongs had long years of experience in BOTH recording mediums and were as excited about the project as the band! This was indeed a labor of love by ALL involved!

And made even better through the guest appearance of vocalist Davey Pattison (GAMMA, Big Muddy, Robin Trower). Davey's powerful voice and riveting performances have made him one of the best Rock/Soul/Blues Singers of ALL TIME! Davey brought sincere, passionate vocal performances to the songs on COSMOS!

Also guest appearing is drummer Pete Thompson (Silverhead, Robin Trower, Groove Shaman). Pete, who has played with pretty much everyone from Melanie to Robert Plant over the years, has given this album a literal "Kick in the seat" due to his formidable drumming style! He brought some magic to the songs by virtue of his energy and ever-positive personality!

The album's primary producer was Dave of DMP and executive produced by the band members as well as 3 guest producers, each one handling specific areas of every song. And all combined as a unified whole to make COSMOS the best album of their career!

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