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JasonE Music Publishing (BMI)

Intellectual Property Copyrighting & Publishing

Assisting the Local Music Community

Jason Lasher, In Memorium 1977-1996
In Memory: Jason Edward Lasher 1977 - 1996

What We Do

Jasoné Music provides the Independent Artist and Band with easily understood Intellectual Property Copyright Information, Publishing Options and Copyrighting Services. We also help find Music Industry outlet contacts for your music such as other Bands and Artists, Record Labels, Publishers, Music Supervisors (TV, Film, Commercials, etc) who may be interested in your songs. Our Mission is to equip you with knowledge and consultation to help you protect ALL your rights while shopping your songs to the Music Industry. 

We also provide access to resources necessary to create Professional Press Kits (including EPK's), record your Demos, compose Radio One Sheets for Radio Broadcast, gain local Press attention for you and seeking official Reviews of your music. We connect you with people that are in a position to help you take it to the next level and pursue your chosen career in the Entertainment Industry. 

Call or Email us today and lets start helping you build your career in the Entertainment Industry!

Jasongs Recording Studio Phoenix Arizona PPCSI Jasongs Recording Studio is a Disc Makers Studio Partner
Jasongs Recording Studio Phoenix Arizona

 PPCSI Jasongs Recording Studio is a Disc Makers Studio Partner

Jasongs Recording Studio is a Multi-Track Digital and Analog Recording Studio in partnership with Alethea Records, an Indie Record Label serving Arizona for over 30 years. Session musicians & Songwriting Staff are available to help you put the finishing touch on your project. Jasongs Recording Studio is a Disk Makers Pro Studio Partner, with facilities for Recording, Mastering, CD/DVD Duplication, Full Color On-Disc Printing, Video Post Production, Graphics Design and 2 locations to serve you. We handle Artists and Bands of all genres at prices that will fit your budget exactly. Click HERE for Jasongs Recording Studio.

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