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Performing Rights Organizations

bulletASCAP American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers
bulletASCAP - Los Angeles
7920 W. Sunset Boulevard, Third Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Tel: (323) 883-1000
Fax: (323) 883-1049
bulletBMI Broadcast Music, Inc.
bulletBMI - Los Angeles
8730 Sunset Blvd.
3rd Flr West
West Hollywood, CA 90069-2211
(310) 659-9109
bulletSESAC The smallest of the three US Performing Rights Organizations, and possibly the best!
bulletSESAC - California
501 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 450
Santa Monica, CA 90401-2430
FAX 310-393-6497

Helpful Links for Music Lovers

bulletDo you need an Audio Player? Go to
bulletNeed Real Player? Go get the FREE
bulletNeed software for CD burning? Check out

Resource Links for Musicians

bulletU.S. Copyright Office
bulletBand Radio - Musicians Resource
bulletGuitar Start - Guitar resources
bulletIndependent Musicians Group
bulletRocking the Cross - Christian Guitar Tab's
bulletHistory of Rock & Roll

Songwriter's Websites

bulletNSAI The Nashville Songwriters Association International
1701 West End Avenue, Third Floor
Nashville, TN  37203
PHONE: 615-256-3354 / 800-321-6008
FAX: 615-256-0034

Publishing, Record Companies & Studios

Publishing Companies

bulletEMI Music Publishing
bulletUniversal Music Publishing
bulletChappell Music
bulletJasoné Music

Record Companies

bulletCapitol Records
bulletUniversal Music Group
bulletMCA Records
bulletMercury Records
bulletBMG Entertainment
bulletWarner Bros. Records

Recording Studios

bulletJasongs Studio Complete 24 Track Analog/Digital A/V Post Production, Graphics, Mastering and Duplication Facility
bulletMetron Studios Complete Multi-Track Digital Recording Studio
bulletAbcat Studios Recording Studio w/ Mastering facilities

Independent Unsigned Distribution Co-op

IUDC Artists & Bands


bulletBurnin Vernon Blues, R&B, Jazz
bulletCiscoPike Various
bullet CrossTown Band Christian Contemporary, Classic Rock, Power Blues
bulletDoubleVision Country
bulletElizagay Various
bulletFremont John Blues
bulletGuy Bergeron Power Blues Rock
bulletLouise Peacock Various
bulletMo Kauffey Americana, Blues
bulletM'Phasis Christian Rap
bulletPiper Kirk Country
bulletRobbi Spencer Hard Rock
bulletSlowvein Pop and Rock
bulletTina Bailey Band Pop and Rock


*IUDC: Independent Unsigned Distribution Co-op

These Artists & Bands are part of a grass roots
movement helping each other reach a larger
audience and geographical area through mutual
participation, fan base marketing and merchandise 
distribution through strategic alliances.

Email the IUDC for more information.



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